$WOLVES NFTs: Unleashing the Howl of Unique Collectibles

The Wolfpack NFT's collection contains 125 unique NFT's. But they are not just some pictures! NFT holders are entered in our monthly lottery to win some amazing prizes and get a share in our $WOLVES treasury. The revenue from our NFT sales is devided as follows:

-25% of NFT sales goes to our monthly lottery jackpot. Each NFT is one ticked. We also add 1% of our token tax to our jackpot to keep it going even after we mint out.

-25% of NFT sales and 1% token tax is added to our WOLVES treasury. We invest in high and low risk tokens and lock them for at least 6 months. After the lock is done the profit will be shared 50% among our NFT holders and 50% to buyback and burn our token.

-25% of NFT sales is used to buyback and burn our token to raise the floor.

-25% of NFT sales is used for future development of our project.

There are 120 common NFTs and 5 Rare ones hiding in the collection. Mint a rare and you get 1 extra NFT for free. So 2 lottery tickets for the price of one ❤️
We also have the WOLVES in a few different professions as traits.
The main idea is to let the token and NFTs work together to form one strong ecosystem.

Mint price is 0.07BNB about $24